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Library / Discipliana

The Discipliana Collection of DSF is one of the largest and most comprehensive collections of materials by and about the Disciples of Christ in the United States. As a research library it provides seminary students and others with more than 3000 catalogued volumes, about two dozen periodicals (including microfilm), and current literature of Disciples' general units, educational institutions, and many other church-related organizations (particularly those on the West coast).


History, Theology, Ecumenism

Questions of Faith
This popular series features contemporary religious thinkers reflecting on important questions of faith. Segments of individual interviews are edited and combined to create a montage of reflections on each topic. A good discussion starter. 29 available tapes. 17-30 minutes each. UM Com, 1987-96

    1. Who Is God?
    2. What Good Is Prayer?
    3. What's God Got to Do with Evil?
    4. What's Being Good Good For?
    5. Who Needs Organized Religion?
    6. What Matters, Anyway?
    7. Who is Jesus? [title no longer available]
    8. What's the Use of the Bible?
    9. Who's Got the Truth?
    10. How Do We Right the Wrong?
    11. What Gives You Faith?
    12. What Happens After Death?
    13. What Do You Mean by "Faith"?
    14. Why Worship?
    15. What's Religion Got to Do with Sex?
    16. What Are the Moral Dilemmas?
    17. Remember "Sin" and "Salvation"?
    18. What About Grace and Miracles?
    19. What's the Nature of Human Nature?
    20. Whose Life Is Sacred?
    21. Whose World Is It?
    22. What's the Holy Spirit?
    23. What's Religious?
    24. Why Hope?
    25. What Kind of Power Does God Have?
    26. Whose Money Is It?
    27. Can Faith Wipe Out Fear?
    28. How Do You Pray?
    29. How Can We Love Practically Anybody?
    30. What's Holiness All About?

Questions of Faith for Youth
These 16-20 minute videos are designed to stimulate thoughtful discussion among youth about issues and faith questions. The reflections of nineteen high school and college students are edited into a montage on each topic. 12 tapes. UM Com

  1. What's God Like?
  2. How Do You Deal with Drugs?
  3. What Is Sin?
  4. What's a Friend?
  5. What About Sex?
  6. What Can the Church Do About the Future?
  7. Why Pray?
  8. Who Do You Want to Become?
  9. How Much Stuff Do You Need?
  10. How Do You Know What Is Right?
  11. What Can You Do About Violence?
  12. Is Loving Yourself Easy?

Power of Myth
Popular PBS series on the religions of East and West. Bill Moyers interviews the late Joseph Campbell. 6 tapes. PBS SERIES

  1. The Hero's Adventure
  2. Message of the Myth
  3. The First Storytellers
  4. Sacrifice and Bliss
  5. Love and the Goddess
  6. Masks of Eternity

What Is the Church Anyway?
Four lectures and a sermon by Fred Craddock explore the nature of the church through five symbols. 5 tapes. CBP SERIES

  1. The Book (40 minutes)
  2. The Place (25 minutes)
  3. The Table (44 minutes)
  4. The Pew (40 minutes)
  5. The Pulpit (40 minutes)

Thinking About Disciples Beliefs
In a six lectures series, Ronald E. Osborn explores beliefs and the character of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ). Designed to complement his book, The Faith We Affirm. 30 minutes each. 2 tapes. Oikodome Videotapes, 1980 SERIES

  1. Disciples and the Bible (part 1), Disciples and the Bible (part 2), Jesus: Christ and Lord
  2. God: Active and Intimate, Christian Community, The Fabric of Discipleship

Toward the Unity of Christ's Church: Receiving Baptism, Eucharist & Ministry
In five 30 minute programs Paul A. Crow, Jr. introduces BEM, one of the most important church documents of modern times. 1 tape. Oikodome Videotapes, 1984

Wrestling with God
A look at Alexander Campbell and the fire ignited by first generation Disciples of Christ. Filmed on location at Bethany, WV, Jeanne Lange & Jerry Jackson, producers. 70 minutes 1 tape. Stone-Campbell Film Group, 1990

Religious Fundamentalism
What is it? did it come from? How does it influence the American notion of separation of church and state. 29 minutes 1 tape. Films for the Humanities & Sciences

Blood in the Face
A darkly humorous and frightening close-up view of today's far right movement, including Ku Klux Klan, the American Nazi Party, and the Aryan Nations. 78 minutes. 1 tape. First Run Features

Dreams of Kings
An impressionistic look at Martin Luther King, Jr. and the struggle for human liberation of black Americans. 1 tape. Trinity Church

Faces on Faith
Leading thinkers share their faith and ideas about life and its meaning. 26 minutes each. 26 tapes. UMCom, Trinity Parish of New York, 1989

  1. Daniel Berrigan
  2. Robert McAfee Brown
  3. Will Campbell
  4. Dayton Edmonds
  5. James Forbes
  6. Carmen Guerrero
  7. Ada Maria I.-Diaz
  8. Harold Kushner
  9. Martin Marty
  10. Virgina Mollenkott
  11. Robert Raines
  12. Rosemary R. Reuther
  13. Roy Sano
  14. Elizabeth S. Fiorenza
  15. Bernie Siegel
  16. John Spong
  17. Desmond Tutu
  18. Dan Wakefield
  19. Sam Keen
  20. Madeline L'Engle
  21. Hung K. Chung
  22. James Carroll
  23. Harvey Cox
  24. Frederick Buechnner
  25. Jim Wallis
  26. Walter Wink

Bible Studies

Discovering the Young Church
With host Gordon Moyes, discover the earliest development of the church3 tapes. Australian Wesley Film, 1989 SERIES

  1. Peter / Stephen
  2. James / Jude / Timothy / Titus / Hebrews / John
  3. Revelation / Seven Churches

Portraits of Jesus in the Gospels
Thirteen 30-minute programs with Fred B. Craddock. 13 tapes. NetPress, 1988 SERIES

  1. Introduction to Images of Jesus
  2. Looking at the New Testament Gospels
  3. Mark's Perspective
  4. Examples of Jesus' Secrecy
  5. The Cross
  6. Matthew's Portrait of Christ
  7. Jesus as Teacher
  8. Jesus as Judge
  9. Luke's Portrait of Jesus
  10. Jesus at Home
  11. The Universal Christ
  12. John's Portrait of Jesus
  13. The Absent Christ

The Bible: A User's Manual
A primer for serious Bible students led by Nancy Claire Pittman. 30-minute programs. 6 tapes. STL producer SERIES

  1. What Is the Bible?
  2. Birth of the Bible
  3. Alexander Campbell and the Bible
  4. The Bible and Disciples Since Campbell
  5. Fundamentalism and the Bible
  6. Clues to Effective Bible Study

Scriptures Alive!
Twelve different biblical topics can be studied individually or in your own custom-designed series. Each tape 26-30 minutes. 12 tapes. EcuFilm, 1995-96

  1. God Prefers the Poor
  2. Will the Real Jesus Please Stand Up?
  3. Violence and Faith
  4. Many Religions, One God?
  5. Religion and Politics
  6. The Graying of the Church
  7. Miracles
  8. Dreams
  9. Christian Rapture
  10. Checking Out Early: Suicide
  11. Health Care
  12. Can Faith Survive the Church?

Luke, the Theological Historian
James A. Sanders leads a study of Luke (including Acts) as a model for contemporary Bible students. Seven 30 minute programs with leader's guide. 1 tape. UMCom, 1981

True and False Prophecy
James A. Sanders leads this study of prophets from Amos to Jesus and how they brought historic traditions to bear on the circumstances of their times. Six 30 minute programs. 1 tape. UMCom, 1982

Exploring Romans
William Baird examines Romans 1-11 in detail, setting out Paul's gospel of the righteousness of God. Six 30 minute programs. 2 tapes. Oikodome Videotapes, 1982

  1. Programs 1-3
  2. Programs 4-6

Whole and Forgiven
Walter Wink explores healing and wholeness centered on biblical stories. Six sessions with suggestions for 45, 55, and 90-120 minutes. periods. 6 tapes. EcuFilm, 1991

  1. The Man Let Down Through the Roof
  2. The Bent-over Woman
  3. The Woman with the Hemorrhage
  4. Blind Bartimaeus
  5. The Woman with the Ointment
  6. The Compassionate Samaritan

Imagination: New Approaches to the Bible with Walter Brueggeman
A brief introduction and four 20-25 minute segments: Narrative: Transforming the World, Moses: The Mouthpiece of God.

Prophecy and the Ungluing of Reality, Law and Proverbs -
The Use of Creation
1 tape. Trinity Television, 1992

Word Alive!
25-minute video presentation by each leader with easy-to-use workbook and leader's guide. May be used individually, by cluster or as a series. 3 tapes. Seraphim Communications, 1996 SERIES

  1. David Tiede, Katheryn Darr
  2. Cain Hope Felder, Donald Juel, Calvin Roetzel, Martin Marty
  3. James Sire, Raymond Bakke, David Gill, Tony Campolo

The Bible as the Churches' Book
Eighteen short talks by James A. Sanders in six groups of three - these cover a range of important questions about the Bible, including its purposes, mood, and inspiration. UMCom, 1985

Biblical Reflections: Meditations by James A. Sanders
Four 18-22 minute explorations of contemporary meanings of selected biblical passages: the Last Supper, Jesus' last words on the cross, "Outside the Camp" (Jer 38:1-6, Heb 13:1-16) and the conversion of Paul. 1 tape. UMCom, 1985

Revising the RSV
The work of the RSV translation committee is reviewed in a conversation between James A. Sanders and Rod Parrott. 28 minutes. 1 tape. Oikodome Videotapes, 1984

Christian Education

Learning and Leading
Age-group characteristics, learning styles, teaching methods and appropriate learning activities for various age levels described and demonstrated. 3 tapes. Presby/Ref Educ Ministries, 1988 SERIES

  1. Birth-2; 3-4-5's; Grades 1-3; Grades 4-6
  2. Youth and Adults
  3. Room to Learn; Broadly Graded Learning

Adult Learning
Lifelong learning, global trends, the church as a learning setting, innovative ideas and small group learning techniques. 5 tapes. UMCom, 1984 SERIES

  1. For Such a Time As This (20 minutes)
  2. James Botkin (35 minutes)
  3. Tom Groome (45 minutes)
  4. Dick Murray (35 minutes)
  5. Malcom Knowles (31 minutes)

Active Learning for Youth
Training program for youth leaders and group sponsors with specific suggestions. 30-40 minute programs; leader's guide. 4 tapes. UMCom, 1984 SERIES

  1. Arranging Your Group
  2. Technique
  3. Media
  4. Simulation Games

The Power of Christian Education
The conclusions of a survey on the development of mature Christian faith commissioned by six denominations, including Disciples. 4 tapes. Search Institute SERIES

  1. Celebrating Possibility (14 minutes)
  2. Faith Maturity: Where Does It Come From? (24 minutes)
  3. Promoting Faith Maturity: What Congregations Can Do (22 minutes)
  4. Taking Stock: The Shape of Faith Among American Protestants (26 minutes)

Robert Coles: Teacher
Documentary on Pulitzer Prize winning professor teaching on the moral life. 57 minutes. 1 tape. Palisades

Worship, Music, Drama, Church Life

Amazing Grace - Bill Moyers narrates the history of this enduring, beloved song along with artists such as the Boys Choir of Harlem and Johnny Cash. 102 minutes. 1 tape. Public Affairs Television, 1990

We Shall Overcome - A celebration of the human rights movement with the evolution of the powerful song which helped to bring important social change. 58 minutes. 1 tape. PBS

Artie's Prayer - Drama on the themes of war, death, and prayer. 28 minutes. 1 tape. Parish of Trinity Church, 1991

Rachel and Her Children - Drama on the themes of homelessness, poverty, and struggle for faith. 28 minutes. 1 tape. Parish of Trinity Church, 1991

The Rich Brother - Dramatic modern parable reminiscent of "The Prodigal Son." 28 minutes. 1 tape. Parish of Trinity Church, 1991

The Gospel in Solentiname - Drama by Father Ernesto Cardenal based on his community-based Bible study. 28 minutes. 1 tape. Parish of Trinity Church, 1991

The Widow's Mite- A humorous tale about piety, hypocrisy and stewardship. 28 minutes. 1 tape. Parish of Trinity Church, 1991

A Visit to Morin - A modern dramatic parable about loss of belief and the power of faith. 28 minutes. 1 tape. Rental $18. Parish of Trinity Church, 1991

The Last Leaf - Screen adaptation of an O'Henry classic on the tension between ambition and self-giving. Art Carney plays the lead role in this "Easter parable." Ideal for children to adults. 25 minutes. 1 tape. Bonneville/LDS

Disciples at Worship and Prayer - Designed for 8 study sessions about one hour each, this is an introductory course in worship for Disciples congregations; local worship leaders are encouraged to look at their service and their roles. 1 tape. DHM, 1987

A Dialogue on Worship with the Disciples Founders - Colbert S. Cartwright moderates 10 short video segments for worship leaders. 1 tape. DHM 1990

The Use of Scripture in Preaching - Fred B. Craddock. 10 short segments for preachers. 1 tape. DHM 1990

A Life of Prayer for Worship Leaders - William O. Paulsell. 10 short segments. 1 tape. DHM 1990

Worship Leadership in a Time of Change - Keith Watkins. 10 short segments. 1 tape. DHM, 1990

Worship Workshop Series - Designed by the late John Rice to train key worship leaders and planners in local congregations to understand essentials and participate in effective worship. 25-38 minutes. each. 3 tapes. WorshipWorks, 1990 SERIES

  1. Worship Is Like Soup (The WHAT)
  2. Shout Alleluia! Dance Alleluia! (The HOW)
  3. Worship Works Because (The WHY)

Sing and Rejoice: Help for Hymn Singing - Alice Parker talks about and demonstrates creative ideas for congregational singing. 1 tape. WorshipWorks, 1990

Life Issues, Spirituality

Growing Through Grief - Howard Clinebell explains the grief process and how to set up a grief healing group. Six 30 minute programs. 6 tapes. UMCom, 1984 SERIES

  1. Five Tasks of Grief Work
  2. Healing Guilt
  3. Fear and Anger
  4. Growth from Divorce
  5. Infections of the Grief Wound
  6. Saying Good-bye to Our Losses

Healing Your Grief Wound - Practical guidance and wise counsel from Howard Clinebell and persons who are dealing with grief. For use in small groups or at home. 30 minutes. 2 tapes. SpiritQuest Prod., 1989

  1. The Early Weeks
  2. The Latter Stages

Standing in the Need of Prayer - Leader Martha Rowlett explores the life of prayer. Four 20-35 minutes. 1 tape. UMCom, 1985

A Hunger for Healing - Keith Miller shows how the Twelve Steps developed by AA provide a model for Christian growth. Twelve 30 minute study programs with book. 3 tapes. NavPress 1992

  1. Programs 1-4
  2. Programs 5-8
  3. Programs 9-12

Sacred Stories - Frederick Buechner, Maya Angelou, and James Carroll recreate personal stories and invite viewers to discover the presence of God and possibilities of changing the future by forgiving the past. Four 15-20 minute segments. 1 tape. Trinity Institute

Wrestling with Angels - Well-known authors tackle tough life issues with stories of their own lives and others. 25 minutes. each. Only two titles available. 2 tapes. SERIES

  1. Guidance (Tony Campolo)
  2. Why me? (Philip Yancey)

Search for Spirituality - From the ABC-TV series, Vision and Values, a journey across the U.S. finds common questions in the spiritual hunger of people: Who am I?  my neighbor? God? 58 minutes. 1 tape.

Spirit and Nature - Bill Moyers and world religious leaders address ethical and spiritual issues of ecology, inter-relationships, and the sacredness of nature. 1 tape. Public Affairs Television, 1991

The Greening of Faith - The words of theologians and environmentalists, accompanied by nature photography and original music, on the environment as a Christian concern. 2 tapes.

  1. Theology and Spirituality
  2. Ethics

Bright Journey – Dr. Katrina Bright offers a series exploring ways to build self-esteem in the adult from a spiritual perspective, using panel discussion, personal interviews, and informal conversations with other professionals. 5 tapes.

  1. Values
  2. Legacy
  3. Image
  4. Direction
  5. Competency

The Journey is Home: A film about Nellie Morton - Biographical introduction to the life and work of a gifted, courageous woman. Study guide. 29 minutes. 1 tape. A Presbyterian (USA) Release

Mother Teresa - Award-winning film follows Mother Teresa's life around the world. 82 minutes. 1 tape

A Gathering of Men - Poet Robert Bly, Bill Moyers and a gathering of men learn from one another in conversation about the problems of life. 90 minutes. 1 tape. Public Affairs, 1990

On Being a Man- Storyteller Michael Mead, Robert Bly and 30 other men interact in imagery and introspection. 60 minutes. 1 tape. KTCA/TV Prod.

Broken Vows - Religious perspectives on domestic violence from The Center for the Prevention of Sexual and Domestic Violence. Covers problems and situations (37 minutes.) and clergy and congregational responses (22 minutes.) 1 tape

HIV/AIDS: Stories of Mutual Ministry - "Where would Christ be today amidst the tragedies of this disease?" is the question asked in this program for youth and adults showing how the church and individuals are responding with acts of kindness. 28 minutes. 1 tape. Sponsored by Presbyterian Church (USA)

It Takes More Than Love - Four session series designed to help parents and communities support the positive development of their children. Video segments 20 minutes. with curriculum resources, including workbook. 2 tapes.

  1. Sessions 1-2
  2. Sessions 3-4

Parenting: Growing Up Together - Insights and practical suggestions for quality parent-child relationships from parents and counselors Laura Knox and Cynthia Candelaris. 20-22 minutes. programs. 6 tapes. UMCom, 1985 SERIES

  1. Expectations
  2. Feelings
  3. Communicating
  4. Exploring Problems
  5. Solving Problems
  6. Letting Go

The Family Matters - Explore a variety of families and their typical problems. 22-28 minute programs. 6 tapes. UM Com, 1990 SERIES

  1. Working Parents
  2. Parents of Teenagers
  3. People with Aging Parents
  4. Single Parents
  5. Blended Families
  6. Parents Living Apart from Their Children

Miscellaneous lectures, addresses & Disciples of Christ productions

Evangelism, Preaching, and Theology

Sharing Life in Christ, Global Ministries (DOC/UCC), 40 minutes. 1 tape

A Conversation with Gustavo Gutierrez, 25 minutes. 1 tape

Earl Lectures of Pacific School of Religion, 1990: Fred B. Craddock, Prathia Hall Wynn, Catherine G. Gonzalez and Justo L. Gonzalez. 1 tape

National Evangelism Workshop (NEA), 1986. 2 tapes

  1. (sound poor): Eugene Brice, Zig Ziglar, Alan Walker
  2. Joyce Landorf, Fred Craddock, Alvin Jackson, Martin Marty

Who Do You Say That I Am? Commission on Theology, 1988, 47 minutes. 1 tape

William Willimon, 1991 address to National Evangelistic Association (NEA), Tulsa, 1 tape

Joseph R. Jeter, Jr. and Edwin Gaustad, The Church and the American Dream, 1980, 70 minutes. 1 tape

Ecumenism and Peacemaking

Disciples Ecumenical Connections:

  1. Program 1: Understanding COCU, Paul Crow, Richard Hamm, Suzanne Webb, 27 minutes
  2. Program 2: Disciples of Christ and the UCC, Richard Hamm, Paul Crow, Suzanne Webb, Dan Romero, 27 minutes. 1 tape

A Conversation with Joan Campbell, STL, 30 minutes. 1 tape

Ecumenical Partnership: the Disciples and the United Church of Christ; Churches in Covenant Communion (COCU), 20 minutes. 1 tape

PSW Conference on World Christian Mission (Asilomar, 1995): Europe and the United Nations.

  1. Elizabeth Salter (Europe)
  2. Al Staggs (the legacy of Dietrich Bonhoeffer -- one person stage play)
  3. Elizabeth Salter (Celebration of children and youth)

WCC Sixth Assembly highlights (Vancouver, 1983), 59 minutes. 1 tape

WCC Sixth Assembly issues plenary(Vancouver, 1983), 58 minutes. 1 tape

Paul A. Crow, two lectures on Unity and Mission, 1979, 59 minutes. each

Eugene Brice, Called to Be Peacemakers (1983 General Assembly), 30 minutes. 1 tape

Howard Dentler, In Christ We are Peacemakers (1983 General Assembly), 1 tape

One Gospel, Many Cultures, WCC 1995, 61 minutes. 1 tape

Disciples of Christ

Legacy of Faithful Leadership, a tribute to our General Ministers and Presidents 1968-2003, 40 minutes. 1 tape

People of the Parentheses, 1984, 22 minutes. 1 tape

What Do We Mean When We Say "We"? 1986, 15 minutes. 1 tape

Richard Hamm, Discover the Disciples - Approaches to Spiritual Renewal, 27 minutes. 1 tape

Richard Hamm, Mission Imperatives for the Christian Church, 20 minutes. 1 tape

Richard Hamm, Patricia Tucker Spier, Dan Moseley, Leadership and Mission, 29 minutes. 1 tape

National City Christian Church, The Heritage and the Promise. 1 tape

Facing the Future with Dr. Richard L Hamm: A Conversation with Richard L. Hamm (29 minutes.) and Reflections on the Future of the Church (29 minutes.) 1 tape

The Christian Church Foundation, 10 minutes. 1 tape

The Fruits of Faithfulness, Disciples General Units, 1987, 32 minutes. 1 tape

In Christ We Are..., short documentary of the 1983 General Assembly, 27 minutes. 1 tape

A Vision for the Future of the Church, the story of the DSF, 14 minutes. 1 tape

Dare to Be Disciples, interpretation of mission and work, 1985, 28 minutes. 1 tape

C. William Nichols, General Assembly sermon, 1991

Reaching Out in Love [through Basic Mission Finance], 1988, 10 minutes. 1 tape

God Calls Us To..., Sharing in Mission Conferences, 1982, 15 minutes. 1 tape

The Next Step [enlistment for ministry], TCU/DHE, 1992, 16 minutes. 1 tape

Bethany Historic Sites, 15 minutes. 1 tape

So You're a Disciple! Alexander Campbell Tells His Story, Heritage Resource Center, Bethany College, Revs. Marge & Hiram Lester, 30 minutes. 1 tape

Catch the Vision... Christ for the World, 21 Min. 1 tape

Making a Difference – Introduction to the Board of Church Extension, 6 minutes. 1 tape

Disciples Historic Sketches – the Founders. Four 15 minute interviews with Lester G. McAllister, 1987. 1 tape

1995 General Assembly (Pittsburgh) addresses or sermons. 4 tapes.

  1. Alvin Jackson
  2. Rita Nakashima Brock
  3. Tex Sample
  4. Fred Craddock

A Church for Today: The Christian Church (Disciples of Christ), 1996, 16 minutes. 1 tape

A Witness, Who Me?Center for Congregational Growth and Vitality, Division of Homeland Ministries. 12.5 minutes. 1 tape

Worship and Education

Film Clips - 30-minute video with short clips from contemporary movies designed for use in worship and education (with study guide).


DSF students receive the highest level of theological education through our partner institutions: Claremont School of Theology, Pacific School of Religion, San Francisco Theological Seminary, and Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry.

Our students graduate with the skills for effective ministry and with spiritual resources for a lifetime of ministry. DSF also partners with the church to nurture and call future leaders.

All of this is made possible by generous donors, including Disciples Mission Fund, who share our vision of leadership for mission in an ever-changing future.

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