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"When I was a student at Pacific School of Religion, Disciples Seminary Foundation related only to one seminary, Claremont School of Theology. It could be lonely on a day to day basis as Disciples students living in an ecumenical environment without a broader DOC presence. Over the years as DSF has expanded its relationship to PSR and Seattle University, I have witnessed the rich connections that have developed. The change is palpable when sitting at breakfast with Disciples students. I sense how they are buoyed up by the personal care and relationships while finding more opportunities to engage in theological and vocational conversations with other DOC leaders. DSF’s financial support provides calm in the struggle of rising seminary costs. I value the partnership that we share with DSF which strengthens seminarians to become pastors and leaders for such a time as this."

-- Mary E. Jacobs – DSF graduate and former Transitional Interim Regional Minister for the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) in Northern California-Nevada

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Partnership schools

Claremont School of Theology

From its inception, Claremont School of Theology has been an intentionally ecumenical institution seeking to provide theological education graduate student supportfor a diverse community in the context of a rich spectrum of educational resources.

The partnership with the DSF helps the school to achieve those important goals. DSF was the first ecumenical partner of Claremont School of Theology. The partnership was established in 1960 Claremont both to provide services to Disciples of Christ and United Church of Christ students in Claremont, and contribute to the educational resources for ministry at Claremont School of Theology.

  • DSF services for Disciples and UCC students in Claremont include scholarships, a significant denominational connection, vocational counseling, assistance with field education, and job placement.
  • Joint faculty appointments between CST and DSF, enhance the academic resources of the school with additional course offerings, as well as academic and vocational advising for Disciples and UCC students.
  • DSF staff leadership in worship and community events on campus provide an important Disciples presence in center of community life at the school.
  • The DSF facility is less than one block from the campus and provides classroom space for CST courses as well as other educational programs such as continuing education and certificate studies.
  • DSF's Discipliana collection contributes to the already substantial library resources available in Claremont.
  • DSF faculty teach courses in a number of subjects.

Joint Faculty: Jon L. Berquist and Belva Brown Jordan

Adjunct Faculty 2014-2015: Ronald J. Allen, Bruce Barkhauer, and Kristel Clayville

This partnership between Claremont School of Theology and DSF makes Claremont a unique and dynamic place for Disciples and UCC students to pursue education for ministry.

Pacific School of Religion

By means of DSF, the Pacific School of Religion maintains a close relationship with the Disciples of Christ. Partly because of the denominational partnership between the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the United Church of Christ, in1987 PSR and DSF established a formal affiliation. The Dean of DSF in Berkeley holds a joint appointment at PSR and DSF, and the DSF Berkeley office is adjacent to the PSR campus. This provides a particularly strong Disciples presence at PSR, a channel of communication between the school, the Northern California / Nevada Region of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) and the wider denomination.

PSR/DSF alumni/ae have said that their affiliation with DSF while at PSR provided them the intimacy and denominational opportunities of being at a Disciples seminary, while enjoying the wider ecumenical and interreligious educational experiences of PSR and the GTU.

Joint Faculty with CARE/GTU: Rev. Clarenece Johnson and Laura Jean Torgerson

Disciples Faculty: Mary Donovan Turner

San Francisco Theological Seminary

San Francisco Theological Seminary is DSF's newest partner school, with an affiliation that began in 2014.

Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry

Members of the Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) have been involved with Seattle University's School of Theology and Ministry and have served on STM's faculty since it began, and there are a number of active Disciples graduates from STM. Now, DSF's partnership provides scholarship support and enhanced denominational connection for STM students.

STM's education for pastoral ministry offers a holistic and integrated educational model that brings together academic theology, ministerial skills and spiritual formation; an intentionally ecumenical faculty, student body and curriculum; a commitment to diversity that fosters the values of personal dignity and mutual respect, and encourages the development of gifts and skills for doing effective ministry within many cultural settings; and a faith that does justice, promoted through the entire curriculum. In addition to excellent academic preparation for ministry, all students participate in community meetings, reflection days and evenings, retreats, spiritual direction, and evaluation processes. STM's location in Seattle not only provides for an experience of natural beauty in a vibrant urban center, but also for close engagement with the neighborhood ministries of the whole university.

Disciples Faculty: Michael Kinnamon


DSF students receive the highest level of theological education through our partner institutions: Claremont School of Theology, Pacific School of Religion, San Francisco Theological Seminary, and Seattle University School of Theology and Ministry.

Our students graduate with the skills for effective ministry and with spiritual resources for a lifetime of ministry. DSF also partners with the church to nurture and call future leaders.

All of this is made possible by generous donors, including Disciples Mission Fund, who share our vision of leadership for mission in an ever-changing future.

Our vision is a theologically educated and amply supported leadership equipped and inspired for ministry in a rapidly changing world.

Partnership schools